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Starting in 1990 In Absentia was part of the early Danish electronic music movement, kick-started by EBM-pioneer Leæther Strip. The band was inspired by various musical styles, and had several changes in their musical appearance in their time.

In Absentia signed their first full-length CD contract in 1993 with Hard Records, and subsequently released 2 more albums, of which one was licensed to German Subtronic Records. During the years In Absentia was also well-represented on compilations globally. In 1996 the band was too occupied with other matters than music, and decided to split up. Tracks for a forthcoming album, Link, had been prepared, but the band members decided that it was time to stop the game.

In 2012 the band restarted with the first public release being a remix of the track 'Vorwärts' on Blitzmaschines EP 'Useless Pain'.


In Absentia 2012, Photo: Kristine Haffgaard, Palimpsest PhotoThe first official In Absentia
track in 16 years is Sound
Zero (Cybersonic mix) that
appeared on the compilation
"Cyberworld XX", released
20th October 2012.
Since then more remixes for prominent bands have been made.

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Cyberworld XX

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