Darkness III (The Seed)

Water turns to flames
And the liquid boils
Pleasure turns to pain
And the beasts they coil
Sense the snakes
Of sodomian soil
As you and darkness change
The ground of fire shakes

You saw it with the worms eye
Your cervical muscles were caressed
Inside the black sphere you can fly
And explode your way from my chest

Fearful lust
In your sinless heart
Awakes and rise
The flesh feels sharp
Against my tongue
That lick and fries
Forbidden art
The fiendish song

Dreams of demonic deliveryw
Fly like dust in the heat
The pleasure og insanity
The savage lust's hungry beat

Weightless and burning
Entering freedom
An angle falling
Into the sun
The flaming seed
Moistens your skin
The penetrations done
To the devilish breed